LG NEXUS 5X: The Dream Phone

I take my smartphones very seriously. And why not? It has replaced my watch, my camera, my music player, my calculator, my phone book, my diary, my calendar - well, I could go on and on but I am sure you already know what I mean.

Image Source: Firefly Daily

Celebrating Smiles!

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My little sister was born at the stroke of midnight. So every year on her birthday we would throw her a party at 12 o clock – a small family affair with balloons, steamers, candles, cake and of course snacks... lots and lots of snacks.

My parents were spending their summer in London, so this year it fell on me to uphold this sacred family tradition.

Protect Her Heart

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So I took the Weight Heart Test at the Saffola Life website and I am very happy with the results! This is one place where 0% is A+ grade.