Stay Fit, Feel Young.

The importance of eating well cannot be stressed enough. The short term benefits of eating a healthy diet is that it helps us feel good, look good and of course stay a healthy weight. As far as long term benefits are concerned, a healthy diet reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and even some types of cancer.

UC Cricket on UC Browser

India is a land of a billion people and nothing has ever come close to cricket when it comes to uniting Indians. The gentleman’s game has captivated the heart of the young and the old, the rich and the poor. We Indians live and breathe cricket!

I grew up watching and playing cricket. Well, more watching less playing. My brothers did not want a girl in their team but given my knowledge about the game, they would ask me to be the umpire in their matches.

Learning Together

I had been up all night studying for my last Board exam. Mathematics, my favorite subject. As the golden rays of sunshine slowly crept into the room I decided to take a break and went to stand by the window.  The beauty of a breaking dawn never ceases to amaze me. There is hardly anything more beautiful than a sunrise accompanied by the distant songs of the birds leaving their nests.

I contemplated what I should do next. Should I take a walk to refresh my mind? Should I catch a couple of hours of sleep? The exam wasn’t until the next day.

Heaven on Earth - 5 North East Indian Summer Vacation Destination.

This year, it’s my turn to plan the annual summer getaway for the family. As I surfed the web looking for inspirations I came across this list of summer getaways tantalizingly titled – Heaven on Earth - 5 Indian Summer Vacation Destination.

While I completely agree with the author who has picked Ladakh, Kerela, Ooty, Kashmir and Goa as the perfect destination for a summer vacation, I was a teensy bit disappointed that North Eastern India had not made it to the list.

So here is my list of 5 scenic destination in North East India you should definitely add to your bucket list this summer.