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Airtel is a name that connects millions, not only across India but across the globe. The company’s journey from a regional operator limited to the city of Delhi to second largest mobile operator in the Asia Pacific region is a truly inspiring story. Today, company offers various products such as 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, High Speed Internet, Fixed line telephony and DTH services. In a span of less than two decades, the company went from offering mobile telephony services in one city in India to expanding its operations in over 20 countries. The brain child of Sunil Bharati Mittal, Airtel has always had innovation in his heart.

My Mom

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For almost 25 years now, my mom has been the only MD (OB/GYN) in a sleepy little town in Assam. The government hospital, she works in, is the only full equipped medical facility in the district; so more often than not people from neighboring towns and villages find themselves being referred here. Also, the fact that the nearest Nursing Home is a minimum 5 hours of travel away via treacherous mountainous roads prone to frequent landslides, this one government hospital is our lifeline to Healthcare.

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This was the year I turned nine and my parents threw me a fairy tale themed birthday party. To say I wasn't pleased would be an understatement. After all, fairy tales were for little girls and I was starting high school the next week. So while Maa supervised the kitchen staff and Baba put up fairy lights around the garden, I decided to do what any infuriated nine year old would do, I decided to run away!
But even before anyone had realized I had run away, I was on my way home, with a scrapped knee and a muddy blue dress. Long story short, Subho, the neighbor’s son was playing a solitary game of Robin Hood and I, an unwitting victim, tripped and fell into a big old puddle while the heroic outlaw gave chase.

#EkNayiLeague with Kapil Dev

In India, cricket is not merely a sport, it is a religion. One that unites millions of Indians better than any religion ever could. The young and the old, the rich and the poor, people from every walks of life are captivated by the charisma of cricket. Given the chance, majority of the Indians would probably plan their lives around the schedule of the Indian Cricket team! Such is our passion for the gentleman’s game.